Book making workshop – Day 1

Yesterday was the first day of a book-making workshop that I am leading for the Contemporary Textile Group Phoenix.  The day consisted of marking up the pages for a hardbacked book with a rich black Chinese ink, nice paper and an assortment of pens and mark making tools.  Writing and mark-making ideas were taken from a previous workshop lead by another member of the group, Allie, and were based on words that we had chosen to reflect our own practice.

The concentration was intense and all you could hear in the room was the rhythmical scratching of pens nibs… this what a Medieval Scriptorium would have sounded like?

 I decided to do something a little different! Working on a roll of soft rice paper I made a long drawing that I originally intended to cut up to make pages for the book….I’m not so sure now! The words I used were PUSH PULL.

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