Yesterday I braved the cold  to go up to London again (I feel like a commuter I have been up so much in the past couple of weeks). I went to see Bite-Size , an exhibition of miniature textiles from Japan and England, at The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation and to listen to the curator, Lesley Miller, talk about the projects on which she and the artists in the exhibition have collaborated. Lesley Miller has done so much in bringing together artists from Japan, England and Nordic/Scandanavian countries with collaborative projects such as Revelation, Through the Surface, Textural Space, Cultex and Lost in Lace. (You can read more here.) These exhibitions have have been at the forefront in the past fifteen years in bringing textiles to a wider audience and promoting the genre. They have been an inspiration to me as they give the opportunity to see exciting textiles ‘in the flesh’ and to experience first-hand the multi-sensory nature of the medium. The work above is Mud Dyed Cloth – Twig and White Dots by Chiyoka Tanaka; it is a perfectly formed little work that contains in its smallness the essence of this artists practice.

Here are a few more of my favourites taken from the lovely little, square catalogue that accompanies the exhibition:

Kiyonari Shimada, Division (Unit 1#2)

Clyde Oliver, Little Cairn

Sue Lawty, Lead XV (detail)

Kyoko Kumai, Whisper of Wind

Diana Harrison, Damaged (work in progress)

Shihoko Fukumoto, TOHOKU

I would urge you to go to this exhibition (it is on for one more week) as it is well worth battling with the (real) commuters to see. It has left my mind buzzing with the possibilities for small, hand-cupped work.


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