I have just been deciding how to hang the waxed cloths that I have made for the Society of Designer Craftmen Exhibition in the New Year. I have six cloths and there are many ways that they could be hung. I have experimented with suspending each cloth separately in a line and hung this way the draped cloths slowly twist and spin creating a lazy movement. However for the exhibition I think I may hang them double, in three groups and standing proud from the wall. Like this the cloths are static but they hold their form and are less likely to collapse as the wax softens in the heat of the spotlights. I hope that presented like this the cloths will draw the viewer in to look through the drawn threads to the empty, silent space within. I haven’t decided exactly what form they will take yet so watch this space.

In the dull November light the sun came out for a brief moment lighting up the room to reveal shadows on the transluscent waxed cloth.


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