Earlier this week, after I had helped to collapse the Studio 21 exhibition in Hastings, I took the opportunity to go to the Towner Gallery in Eastbourne. This is a contemporary art gallery/museum with an interesting exhibition programme. I went to see Swiss artist Fransizka Furter whose conceptual works are inspired by the processes of the weather. The exhibition included black 3-D drawings, like this one made from packing tape titled Spark Erosion.

However, it was a couple of paintings in another exhibition – New Eyes, also showing at the gallery and curated by six local artists – that really caught my eye. They were two black and white paintings by St Ives artists, one by Roger Hilton and the other by Peter Lanyon, that were painted in the early 1960’s. These works are inspired by the rhythms and colours of the natural world (mainly Cornwall) and still appear modern today. In both of these abstract paintings the freedom and looseness of the mark-making stands out. The two paintings below give a flavour of their work.

Peter Lanyon, Coast, 1953 

Roger Hilton, March 1960 

Yesterday, therefore, when I started to think about what I was going to make for an exhibition next year, I  thought about Hilton’s and Lanyon’s work. This piece is made from some large waxed cloth samples made for the MA that I have cut up!


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