Being a warm(ish) sunny day I have just hosed down the Salt Cloth that was in the MA show to wash away the salt so that it can be stored – the garden is the only place to do this as it is 22 feet long. The shadows cast on it by the low, soft autumn light seemed worth recording. It is interesting that the colour of the cloth has reverted to its original pale blue now that the salt has gone. I don’t know what gives the cloth an impermanent green tinge when it is saturated with salt.


2 thoughts on “shadows

  1. Caroline Taylerson

    I like the idea of things changing…that it will be different tomorrow when it dries. That the salt might make it rot, fade or what ever and that is inherent in the concept of the piece.

    1. debbielyddon Post author

      Yes, the concept of change and the fact that the work can be remade in a different guise is central. I had to consider whether I washed the salt out the first time round and found it was necessary if the piece is to be remade. However I would like to make a piece in the future where the salt is left to rot the cloth. Incidently this cloth has already torn as the salt has weakened the fibres.


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