Gestural lines

A large part of my practice is taken up with considering how the sounds within our environment can be described visually. The starting point for this has to be the marks we make to visually represent sound. These sounds are speech, which we represent through writing/script, and music, that we represent with musical notation/score. Both of these  commonly understood notations represent sound.


So how can I visually represent the abstract sound that surrounds us: the wind blowing or the sea rolling in? These sounds are neither speech nor music and there is not a commonly understood notation to describe them visually. I am looking for a non-notational way of communicating sound visually.

I have confronted this problem by considering how we would describe these abstract sounds gesturally, using our hands and bodies. How would we ‘draw’ these sounds in the air and what shapes do our hands and bodies make when trying to re-describe sound?


The piece above comes from a series of works, Gestural Lines – Verticals, and  is titled Auricle. It can be seen in the main gallery of The Hastings Arts Forum from 3-16 November as part of the Studio 21 exhibition Continuum.


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